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Boss as F**k Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Is working this hard really doing the right thing? Is all of this worth it? 


That’s a hell of a loaded question. I’ve touched on it before that my work ethic and drive are engrained in me, but I’ve made some decisions and sacrifices to personal relationships and more to get to where I am today. I truly truly...

Sep 19, 2018

I talked in the FB group about setting up my LLC and filing for trademarks and was asked if I had done an episode on the basics. I realized that I really hadn’t. So here we go haha.


First and foremost, should you start a business? You know I’m gonna give you a no bullshit answer. I honestly do not think everyone...

Sep 12, 2018

Living the life of an entrepreneur can be lonely at times. You tend to be more isolated because you’ve set big goals for yourself + you’re determined to f*cking crush them. So finding like minded individuals that are living the same life, can be a great thing to do.


Today I give you some ways to find babes doing...

Sep 5, 2018


If you’re in the retail game, it’s likely your business is going to be cyclical, or even seasonal if you’re something that is closely related to a season (ornaments, etc.). So what the f*ck do you do during those down moments?


Well I’ve got some answers for you. I think handling the slump months takes...