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Boss as F**k Podcast

Dec 12, 2018

People say to do this + use bots but I think is a time waste, and tacky. Using bots to like peoples pictures and/or comment. STOP DOING IT.

You’ve seen them. You get a random message “nice content!” or something stupid like that. There’s a particular company I’ve probably had 100+ run-ins with because they use bots. I report every profile I’ve come across. They absolutely use bots in an attempt to grow their following, get reps, etc.

I don’t find it useful, AT ALL. You can end up liking something or commenting on something that does not align with you or your brand. People have been called out for it.

It’s tacky as f*ck, but I tell you more on why I think that in today’s episode.

Come tell me what you think!

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